December 24, 2018

We’ve officially had simba for one week now and I don’t even know where to begin. I have learned sooo much! I’m so thankful for all of the information on tripaw animals. This has truly been a blessing, I get soo excited after hours of research when I FINALLY come across the information I’ve been looking for. ( has helped a lot!) Due to simba learning how to balance he often gets a little messy in the litter box, this has resulted in a bath when needed. Simba is not a full amputee kitten he has the cutest little stump although cute, the skin is exposed because he doesn’t have a paw pad resulting in hard callous skin… If you get what I’m saying then you know once bathed his skin gets soft and splits again 😓 long story short I am trying to figure out and learn all I can. Trying to decide if he can manage to wear a cute little bootie, wondering if he’ll grow tall enough not to hurt his stump, or questioning a full amputation.. we’ll start with the boot.

Hopefully I can be creative enough to figure out how to make this thing



He has gotten so much better with his balance and little box cleanliness! Good news I discovered cat wipes and they help a lot, LIKE A LOT!

December 20, 2018

Day 4; Getting to know simba

Simba is a super fun loving cuddly kitty. He loves the iPad and hiding in Christmas present. He has been really moving around the apartment with his three little legs. We can’t believe how speedy he is! This boy loves rolling around and sweek cuddles. He totally cracks me up, I love having a kitten in the house. Stitch is a silent purring cat but simba is anything but silent we love hearing his cute rumbly purrs and little kitten kisses. Simba absolutely adores stitch, stitch is not as adoring of him. This baby lives his life on the edge! He’s a Rolly Polly little guy. Love watching him launch off the couch and climb back up. He’s like a little spider kitty. So happy to have this little guy in our life.

My New Home

How our story beings..

I believe in God, specifically a God who answers prayers. A little back story on me, Megan, when I was in high school I suffered with really bad anxiety it completely changed who I was for the time being, I pleaded with God many times in my life but at that moment I begged him for a cat. My older brother who no longer lived at home was very allergic so my parents quickly shut me down. Lucky for me I have an amazing loving Heavenly Father who listened to my wants, needs and desires. He heard me, and he answered my prayers. Driving home one night late with my father, brother, and best friend we came across two black little kittens running around in the street. Then and there I knew this was the answer not one but two beautiful kittens. I needed them just as much as they needed me and they have been the best cats anyone could ask for. (Leo & Stitch)

Skip forward a few years, I am now married and still have my wonderful cat stitch ( seriously the best cat I could ask for!) I had many transitions going on in my life and for a brief period of seven months I was not able to have Stitch with me, during that time I struggled feeling an emptiness that could only be filled with the love of an animal. I spent much time at the shelters loving the kitties. It was there where I found my love for special needs cats. Knowing I could not have another cat until my live settled down I held onto my hope and desire for a special kitten to love.

December 2018, life has settled down and I have been begging my husband to let me get another cat, one male for stitch because I heard males get along best together, maybe an orange cat because I have ALWAYS loved tabby cats, one young enough that stitch can teach him the walks of cat life, and with a slight hope maybe one with a special soul that needed to be cared for only in a way I could give him (special needs cat). December 15, 2018 we visited my husbands family for the holidays. My grandfather in law had taken a special liking to the stray cats especially one named Carrot who previously was pregnant with a litter of kittens. I waited eagerly for her to give birth but in previous visits we never saw a kitten. One months she’s super pregnant, few months later nothing… We were concerned on what had happened to the kittens as we didn’t know. Unfortunately the first thing I see when I look into the backyard was a dead kitten, maybe 3/4 weeks only. Now I knew Carrot had her litter of kittens and one was already gone. I kept my eye out for the rest of the night eagerly watching to see if I could see any more kittens and then it happened. I saw him! SIMBA he was orange, he was shy, he was kind. He was missing a leg… I fell in love.

With the sight of his lost sibling I knew he would be ours. Surprisingly it took some effort to rescue him but eventually I caught him and wrapped him up in a towel, he was soooo sweet and so small. My sister in law and I just loved over this precious perfect little being and I wanted him to come home with us that night. Long story short my husband played hard ball and refused to take him home with us but he offered to take him to a shelter…. You already know by now who won that battled, my husband quickly fell in love with him and here we are.

Once again I knew my prayers were answered. Now here we are raising a Tripawd kitten who loves life more than ever, we gladly soak up his constant purring and kitty kisses (neither of which stitch does, he’s a silent purrer and doesn’t give kisses) it was everything I wanted. I hope to document his journey and his life as he grows and matures, I hope to establish a community with owners of special needs animals, and I seek all the knowledge I can to give my cats the best life possible.

– Megan

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